A stock with a high level of capitalization, usually at least $5 billion market value. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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large-cap ˈlarge-cap noun [countable]
FINANCE a share in a company with a large amount of share capital — compare small-cap
— large-cap adjective [only before a noun] :

• I think secondary stocks will continue to outperform large-cap stocks.

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large-cap UK US (also large cap) adjective [before noun]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET used to describe a company or its shares, when the total number of shares has a high value: »

It is a large-cap company with an attractive and sustainable dividend yield.

large-cap shares/stocks »

The theory is that large cap shares have lesser growth potential.

Compare MID-CAP(Cf. ↑mid-cap) adjective, SMALL-CAP(Cf. ↑small-cap) adjective
large-cap UK US (also large cap) noun [C, usually plural]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a company with a high total value of shares, or shares in companies like this: »

The fund invested heavily in large-caps such as General Electric and Exxon.

Compare MID-CAP(Cf. ↑mid-cap) noun, SMALL-CAP(Cf. ↑small-cap) noun

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